How the West has been losing the Competitiveness game (and happy to do it)

To compete in a global world the same rules need o apply for all contendants. If not, one will take unfair advantages. This pictures the relations between China and Europe and we do not seem to react.

The case of Spain: wrong political decisions that reduce Competitiveness

When the political interest of a few damage the life of millions and the economic perspectives of a country.

The importance of Perception as an approach to Competitiveness

Is Competitiveness for countries similar to Competitiveness for a company? What role does perception play in our idea o competitiveness?

The Competitiveness of Tourism: A huge industry with low salaries

Travel and Tourism deserve their report by the WEF. The industry employees millions, but they are the worst paid sector in the analysed countries. Is this situation consistent with being competitive?

How the US private sector is pointing the way to maintain the American Competitiveness

The protective measures issued by the Trump admnistration are damaging the US Competitiveness. The private sector is asking for changes.

Pillar 3: Competitiveness thru ICT

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. Let’s say, the Internet. ICT is the third pillar in the Global Competitiveness Index issued by the World Economic Forum and is part of the “Enabling Environment” group: the frame that borders the development of a society. It isn’t easy to think of a period in history inContinue reading “Pillar 3: Competitiveness thru ICT”