The importance of Perception as an approach to Competitiveness

Is Competitiveness for countries similar to Competitiveness for a company? What role does perception play in our idea o competitiveness?

The 2019 International Tax Competitiveness Index

The Tax Foundation analyses the competitiveness of the OECD countries. A competitive fiscal frame can be a solid beginning to improve a country’s economy.

Pillar 3: Competitiveness thru ICT

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. Let’s say, the Internet. ICT is the third pillar in the Global Competitiveness Index issued by the World Economic Forum and is part of the “Enabling Environment” group: the frame that borders the development of a society. It isn’t easy to think of a period in history inContinue reading “Pillar 3: Competitiveness thru ICT”

What makes a company competitive

What makes companies competitive is not a cheap selling price. A company is competitive when shareholders, employees, clients and other stakeholders are happy in their relationship and push together for the company’s sales.

The role of infrastructures in the Competitiveness of a country

The Global Competitiveness Index considers the quality of Infrastructures as one of the 12 pillars. It is not even necessary to enter in detail to imagine that Infrastructure, which permits goods and people to move around, can condition the competitiveness of a territory and the competitiveness of companies operating in that territory. The Infrastructures are,Continue reading “The role of infrastructures in the Competitiveness of a country”

Competitive companies not fully aware of how great they are

Good candidates is a scarce resource. In their strive to attract them, are companies putting themselves in value as they should?

Competitive regions are rich regions (and vice versa)

Are rich European regions wealthy because they are competitive or are they competitive because they are rich?

About the role of Institutions in the Competitiveness of a country

A country institutions are the frame for its developent and play a central role in its competitiveness.